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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Check In Canada™?

Check In Canada™ is a consortium of accommodation associations, from British Columbia to Ontario, who are working together to connect guests directly to the accommodations that serve them, reducing the high cost of third party intermediaries. By powering listings on provincial Destination Marketing Organization websites across Canada, Check In Canada™ allows consumers to search and book accommodation based on rate and availability.

What are the Benefits of Check In Canada™?

  • A refreshed listing on your Provincial, regional, and city destination marketing organization (where applicable) that connects directly to your reservation system, showing consumers your rates & availability, with no additional inventory management required by you;
  • Listing on;
  • Consumers are referred to your website to book their accommodation, increasing direct bookings and reducing your distribution costs;
  • Consumers can shop and compare accommodations and view consumer feedback through TrustYou;
  • Detailed analytics about your potential customers to help guide your future marketing investments (participants receive a username and password and can access reports for any date range).
  • In Ontario, accessibility ratings through Planat™ (Rick Hansen Foundation),
  • Green Key ratings,
  • In Alberta, all properties listed on Check In Canada™ are considered for a Housekeeping Award,
  • A low-cost online reservation system if you don't have one of your own, and;
  • A free online reservation system if you don't have one of your own.

Most importantly, you own the relationship with your guest, increasing guest satisfaction and your own profitability.

Through Check In Canada™, guests are connected directly to your online booking system, improving the guest experience, reducing your acquisition costs, and allowing you to build a direct one-on-one relationship with your guest.

Who is Involved in Check In Canada™?

Check In Canada™ has been endorsed by the Hotel Association of Canada. Currently, almost 6,000 properties across the country participate in the program.

Our hotel association and provincial marketing partners include:

  • Travel Alberta and the Alberta Hotel & Lodging Association,
  • Destination BC, the British Columbia Hotel Association and British Columbia Lodging & Campground Association,
  • Travel Manitoba and the Manitoba Hotel Association,
  • Ontario Restaurant Hotel and Motel Association with Ontario Tourism Marketing Partnership, and
  • Saskatchewan Hotel & Hospitality Association.

Why does the Accommodation Industry support Check In Canada™?

Check In Canada™ enables the guest to connect directly with accommodation suppliers, allowing the consumer to shop for and select their room, then book directly with the property. Accommodation providers can build relationships directly with the guest, increasing customer loyalty and reducing costs.

What Does It Cost?

Because Check In Canada™ is owned by the accommodation industry, our goal is to keep our members’ money in their pockets.

Pay-Per-Click: $195 Annual Fee + $1 per Click

  • Links directly to your reservation system
  • Your rates & availability appear in consumer searches
  • Detailed quarterly analytics
  • Clicks invoiced quarterly

We've taken the worry out of high referral fees. No matter how many consumers click on your listing, Check In Canada™ only charges for a maximum of 200 referrals per year.

Static Listing: $195 Annual Fee + No Clicks

  • No link to your reservation system
  • No rates & availability displayed in consumer searches, listing appears at end of results
  • No analytics

Applicable provincial, territorial and federal taxes will be added. A referral is counted each time a visitor clicks on your "Book Now" button. If you choose the Enhanced option you will be billed $1 for each click based on analytics provided to your property.

How Do the Fees Work?

  • You pay an annual $195 fee to be listed. A referral is counted each time a visitor clicks on the “Book Now” button on any of the channels.
  • Starting each calendar year or listing date, you will be invoiced $1 per click for each referral. Charges for these referrals will be invoiced each quarter when your property receives over 20 referrals in a quarter. Unbilled referrals will be carried forward to the next quarter, and will be billed in the quarter in which you exceed 20 referrals.
  • Your property will be invoiced at least once each year for referrals received.
  • You will receive a quarterly report with demographic information about the consumers referred to you through Check In Canada™.

How do I update my listing?

Accommodation providers can verify their property’s information by visiting to verify property information and update photos, amenities, and property description. Please email changes to

How does Check In Canada™ get information on my property’s rates & availability?

Our partner, CanadaDirect Reservations, is the leader in direct booking technology. Their technology allows us to scrape availability and rates from your property’s reservation system and display the results to consumers through Check In Canada.

What if I am not sure what reservations platform I use or if my platform is compatible with Check In Canada™?

Please contact Check In Canada at and we will work with you to ensure your property’s rates and availability are displayed.

What if I do not have an online reservations system?

If you do not have a reservation system and want your rates and availability to appear through Check In Canada™, take advantage of our low-cost option. Please contact us for more information.