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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Check In Canada?

Check In Canada is an online booking platform created by the accommodation sector that aims to enhance the guest experience while driving economic prosperity for Canada’s tourism and hospitality industry. The platform drives direct bookings by connecting consumers directly to listed properties’ online reservation systems, improving guest experience, reducing acquisition costs, and enabling properties to build a direct one-on-one relationship with guests.

Who owns Check In Canada?

Check In Canada is owned by the Hotel Association of Canada and the Provincial hotel Associations (by way of the Canadian Hotel & Lodging Association).

How do hotels benefit by participating in Check In Canada?

Designed by, and for, accommodators, Check In Canada connects consumers directly to hotels’ online reservation systems with the goal of streamlining the guest experience and keeping money in the local economy. Check In Canada complements other distribution channels and expands e-commerce capabilities while offering consumers a central portal to browse accommodations, rates and availability; plus, each booking carries the same cancellation and refund policies offered by the selected hotel, so consumers can avoid navigating multiple policies or restrictions. In addition, hotels are granted access to Check In Canada’s administration portal allowing for modifications to their listings. The platform also highlights all properties that are Green Key certified, to align with consumer trends towards sustainable and responsible travel.

Why should consumers book through Check In Canada booking widgets?

By reserving accommodations through Check In Canada booking widgets, consumers can rest assured that they are supporting local businesses and helping to rebuild the economy. The platform also streamlines and expedites the booking process by offering a central place to search for accommodation rates and availability, view feedback from fellow travellers and make reservations. Unlike booking with online travel agencies or other third-party booking sites, consumers can avoid confusing cancellation or refund policies or restrictions – instead, they receive the same cancellation and refund policies as the property they’ve chosen. Consumers who are environmental advocates can look for the Green Key seal to ensure they book with a property that is likewise committed to sustainability.

How does Check In Canada support tourism resiliency and recovery?

Check In Canada is a government supported, made-in-Canada solution to drive economic prosperity for local tourism and hospitality businesses. Accommodators listed on the platform benefit from a boost in direct bookings and reduced distribution costs. Accommodators can access current and past reports with detailed analytics, allowing them to market strategically, amplify their efforts and attract more visitors.

Who do I contact for more information about Check In Canada?

For more information about Check In Canada, visit www.checkincanada.com.

What is the cost of Check in Canada to an accommodator?

A listing on Check In Canada is FREE until March 1, 2022 . Free listings are being offered to encourage local businesses to participate in Check In Canada and promote recovery of Canada’s tourism industry, by the Hotel Association of Canada. Afterward, accommodators who wish to remain listed on the Check In Canada platform can do so for the competitive annual fee of $300 (+ local taxes) per lodging property, inclusive of listing and reservation fees.