Lodging Property Registration
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What will your listing look like

Listings will vary slightly between provinces, with branding and search criteria, but all listings will include your standard listing data with rate and availability. Rate and availability appear if your reservation system has been interfaced with Check In Canada™. To provide visitors with consumer generated feedback, listings may display the TrustScore™ rating. Additional information such as Green Key, Planat™, and regional ratings and designations may also be displayed. The icons that appear on the lower left corner are based on the amenities you select when you update your listing.

On CheckInCanada.com for example, listings appear as:

If you do not have a reservation system and want your rates and availability to appear on your destination marketing organization’s website, Check In Canada™ can provide you with a low-cost reservation system. If you have a reservation system but your rates and availability do not appear, please notify us at info@checkincanada.com.